Project the First: Tomten Jacket (baby version)

Tiny, but probably not tiny enough

Tomten Jacket, infant size - just starting on hood

Project: Tomten Jacket – size BABY

Yarn: Bernat Softee Baby, white and blue tweed, 100% Acrylic (bleh), swatched at 22 sts – 15 garter ridges = 4″ on us 6 kneedles

Kneedles – size 6 or 7 24″ circular (plastic – blech)

Music – Yacht on Pandora

Video – Anthony Bourdain – No Reservations (seasons 1 – 3 so far)

This one was inspired by Brooklyn Tweed.  I really really really want to knit and wear this jacket.

The process begins with choosing a baby to knit for.  I was pondering this when Russell told me that Matt and Kathy are having a baby.  Perfect!  Due in late May, which is still sweater weather here, and with an eight year old big sister whose birthday is right around the same time.  I can do this one a twice – big sister needs a sweater too.

I started the baby version about a week ago, knitting mostly in the the evenings while watching old episodes of Anthony Bourdain – No Reservations, or listening to my favorite Pandora station.

I ordered a pattern from Schoolhouse Press – Elizabeth Zimmerman’s legacy.  The pattern did not include instructions/stitch counts for newborn size, so i fiddled and guess-timated until i came up with a base of 80 stiches.  Everything about this pattern is in eighths – the jacket is 8x stitches wide, the armholes begin 4x ridges (8x rows) up, the armholes are 2x stitches, the top is 2x ridges high, etc.  This jacket is perfectly proportioned for a baby, and, incidentally, for me as well, except for the arms.  Shorter for an infant, longer for me.  It might be a little boxy for a ‘lady’.

Knit-on cast on makes a nice edge

Knit-on cast on makes a nice edge

It’s been years since I knitted a sweater – and I’ve never knitted one in one piece before, although I think about it all the time – I started knitting socks because I HATE to seam.  DESPISE it.  This little sweater has exactly one seam – at the top of the hood – and I will be pondering ways around that as I knit my way up to the top of the hood.  The sleeves are picked up and knit like a shortrow heel.  I used a knit-on cast on because I like the clean and even edge it makes, even though I will probably trim this one out in applied icord.

I’m using Bernat Baby Soft yarn (Matt and Kathy are not natural fiber fiends) and an ancient set of plastic circular kneedles, probably size 6 or 7 – they feel like 7’s.  The tip of one of the kneedles is bent, from me using it to pry a lid off of the cocoa tin.  I try to rub a little amber on my fingers periodically, or cocoa butter, so the teeny little sweater smells nice, and not like the dogs that constantly plague me while I am knitting.  Leo in particular has a knack for head-butting me just so and causing me to jerk one kneedle out of the stitches.

More to come, when the sleeves adventure starts.


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